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By Heather Brummels, Jun 9 2016 07:32PM

Are you one of the 37 percent of renters who have a renters insurance policy? Whether your rental agreement requires it or you make the choice to protect the contents of your rental property, this type of policy can provide peace of mind. It can come in handy if you face unexpected situations, like theft or fire, or if an individual is injured while in your home.

But do you fully understand what the policy covers and what to expect should you file a claim? Here's a breakdown of a few important points.

By Heather Brummels, May 18 2016 12:00PM

Auto Accident
Auto Accident

Knowing what to do after an automobile accident is easier said than done, especially when you're standing on the side of the road in bad weather with injured passengers and an angry driver pointing the finger at you. Here's an accident checklist for you to follow, especially when a stressful situation make it difficult to think clearly:

By Heather Brummels, May 13 2016 09:27PM

Thanks to the internet, homeowners everywhere can easily access more ideas and plans than ever before. But that also means they’re getting ahold of something dangerous … confidence. Mistakes, injuries, and insurance claims are growing just as fast as the do it yourself movement. So before you start your next DIY project, beware the following hazards:

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